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Our restaurant features a unique menu and wine list with menu items changing quarterly.

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about tapas

King Alfonso X of CastilleAccording to legend, the tradition of tapas originated in the 1200s with King Alfonso the Wise. To prevent the health issues associated with drinking on an empty stomach, the king declared that no tavern could serve alcohol unless the beverage was accompanied by a serving of food. To get around the law, taverns began serving very small amounts of food with their wine--and thus was born the tapa. Alfonso was a pretty wise king after all.

The word "tapas" comes from the Spanish verb "tapar", which means "to cover". Early tapas were nothing more than a slice of bread, cheese, or meat that would cover the wine glass, some say to keep the flies out. Now tapas refers to any type of food served in a small portion and accompanied by a drink. Tapas are similar in style to appetizers, but they make a full meal, not just a starter.

All the history and definitions aside, tapas is a "small plate" style of dining--very relaxed and very communal (if you want it to be; you don't have to share if you don't want to), and it's the style of dining you'll find at The Cazbah. We love tapas because it's a great way to have as many new taste experiences as possible in one evening. Many of our guest come in groups, each order one dish, and all share around. The tapas also make a great showcase for our extensive and carefully selected list of wines.

the tapas

Our dishes range in style from Asian-inspired to traditional American, but no matter what you decide to get, you can be sure it will always come with a creative twist and served in the tapas style.

Our menus rotate quarterly and generally consist of 30-35 tapas accompanied by an extensive collection of fine wines.